• Strategic Training

    Engage in skill workshops to refine specific padel techniques, including forehand, backhand, volleys, and serves. Strategic training helps them master game strategies, read opponents, and position themselves effectively. Coaches offer personalized coaching, tailoring strategies to individual needs, while group drills simulate real-game situations for teamwork and decision-making.

  • Learn Tactics and Track Progress

    Fitness exercises enhance physical performance, and video analysis provides visual feedback. Match simulations provide controlled practice, tactical discussions promote critical thinking, and partner dynamics enhance doubles play. Coaches cover rules, emphasize sportsmanship, and track progress through assessments.

  • Guidance and Community

    Equipment guidance, motivational support, and community-building activities foster a positive and enjoyable learning environment for participants. Overall, our coaching programs prioritise enjoyment, ensuring that participants have a positive and fulfilling experience on and off the court.

  • Courses

    Each course includes 8 classes.

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  • Classes

    Sign up for individual classes from each of the programs we're currently running.

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Current Programs

Teamwork for beginners

Teamwork makes the dream work! Join us for a session covering the basics of court positioning and ball placement for you and your partner at both the net and baseline areas. You'll learn:

- The importance of team communication
- How to recover the net
- What shots to play from baseline
- How to move around the court together
- How to set up a winning shot

Mastering The Bandeja (Cross-Court Smash)

Learn how to execute the perfect Bandeja, by applying the basic principles around its use, such as:

- When to use the Bandeja
- When to play cross-court
- Main objectives for court positioning
- What to do with your partner
- What your footwork should look like

Join us for a post-session coffee to go over your strategy.