The Padel Ladder welcomes participation from all padel players at no cost.

If you wish to take part in the Padel Ladder competition, kindly review the ladder rules and guidelines provided below or reach out to The Station for additional information.

Padel Ladder 2023/24

Rules and Regulations


  1. The ladder will run on a play-and-replace format. It is free to join the Ladder, but the teams must play all games at Station Padel.
  2. Any teams entering the ladder will be placed within the ladder based on their assessed playing ability. New teams or teams that re-enter (for example after an injury) can join the ladder at any time throughout the year but cannot be placed higher than position 8 in the ladder.
  3. There will be three Ladders: Men, Ladies and Mix. Players may enter both applicable ladders if they wish e.g. Men’s and Mixed or Ladies’ and Mixed ladders, and may have two entries per ladder with different playing partners.


  1. To be eligible for prizes in the ladders, the team must have competed in a minimum of 5 matches.
  2. Prizes will be awarded for:
  • Highest ladder position,
  • Highest ladder position for 55+ teams (both players must be 55+).
  • The team with most played games.


  1. The Padel Ladder is administered by the committee at Station Padel.
  2. A WhatsApp™ Ladder group will be set up with all the contact numbers.
  3. The Ladder Administrators will update the WhatsApp™ Ladder groups.
  4. Teams must send the match results to the WhatsApp™ Ladder group as soon as possible after the match.
  5. Any doubts or questions must be send to the Ladder Admin, who will handle it.

Match Play

  1. Matches must be played at The Station.
  2. The cost of the court is to be split between players.  
  3. Players provide their own balls and agree on a set. If they can not agree they must use a new set of balls and spilt the cost.
  4. Matches will be best of 3 sets, 2 full sets with a tie break and a super tie break as a deciding set, if required.
  5. The ‘Golden Point’ must be used throughout the match.
  6. If a team does not complete the match due to injury, the opposing team will be deemed as winners of the match.

    A team can challenge teams up to 5 places above or 3 places below them.


    Once a challenge is made the match must be played within 14 days.


    A challenge must be accepted within 48 hours, if not or if rejected the match will be lost.


    Teams under challenge must complete planned/ongoing matches before making their next challenge. They must wait until the day after match results are published, and the Ladder has been updated.

  • Teams must not challenge each other in two consecutive challenges.


    Both teams must make reasonable adjustments to enable matches to be scheduled. Teams must offer at least 3 date/time options during the 14-day period which must include a weekend day, a weekday, and an evening option.


    If the offered match times include these three day/time options and the teams are still unable to agree to a date and time within the 14-day period, the Ladder Admin should be informed as soon as possible. The Ladder Admin will decide whether there is a winner, or the challenge shall be cancelled.

  • If the challenging team wins the match, they replace the losing team who are demoted one place. If the challenging team loses and they are below the position of the challenged team, then the positions of both teams do not change.


    In the event of a match being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, the match will be cancelled by the Ladder Admin, and teams are allowed to make or accept a new challenge.


Contact The House to be added onto the Padel Ladder WhatsApp group.